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Kuching Aerial Photography & Videography Service

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Kuching Aerial Photo brings you revolutionary angles to market your property, destination, location, events and more. Take breathtaking moving footages and still photography up to 500 metres in altitude, and in multiple preferred angles at varying heights. We provide quick-to-deploy aerial videography and photography services and live feed videography for real-time viewing.

Aerial Photography

Our copters are equipped with state of the art flight systems that are capable of , staying at a fixed location and height, track subjects and take selfies, and fly by themselves. With the technology and our well trained and experienced pilots and crew, capturing close range aerial shot from an impossible angle, is now possible.

Aerial Videography

The unmatched maneuverability of our remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) enable our pilots to fly the aerial ships above, through and around natural formations or buildings at varying speeds and altitudes to provide that stirring, first-person perspective from every angle. We go where full-sized helicopters and aircraft cannot to achieve those “how-did-they-do that” video moments.

Aerial Inspection

Save costs and lives by using our drone to perform aerial inspection for civil structures. Our high detail imagery allows you to inspect for cracks, corrosion or deformation. This saves the costs of building scaffolding or having manual inspectors taking a risky climb.

360 Panorama

Simulating multiple heights, we can provide aerial panoramas that allows our clients in the property sector to showcase the potential views of their future developments to their end consumer. We can also tag the images to highlight points of interests in the development's vicinity.


Kuching Aerial Photography & Videography Service

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